Burnaby New Westminster Schools Athletic Association - Our Story

The Burnaby New Westminster Schools Athletic Association (BNWSAA) is made up of all middle and secondary schools in the Burnaby and New Westminster School Districts. Across the three BC School Sports seasons of play, 19 different sports are offered to student-athletes in grade 8 -12.

Purpose Of The BNWSAA

About The BNWSAA Logo

The three main elements of the new logo are Shield, Eagle and Bear. The municipalities of Burnaby and New Westminster are situated on the ancestral lands of Coast Salish people. Therefore, we wanted to honour the ancestors of this land by creating images in the artistic style of the Coast Salish. Circles are an important element in Coast Salish design. They represent the many cycles of life including, growth, continuity and completion.

We also recognize the tradition of a coat of arms. In heraldry, an escutcheon is a shield that forms the main or focal element in an achievement of arms.  In modern times, individuals, public and private organizations, corporations, cities, towns, regions, and other entities use heraldry and its conventions to symbolize their heritage, achievements, and aspirations.

The Eagle represents vision and planning. The Bear represents physical strength and perseverance. These are qualities necessary for success in sports.

Artist: Latash Maurice Nahanee

BNWSAA Member Schools


Burnaby Central

Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby North

Burnaby South

Byrne Creek

Cariboo Hill

Fraser River

Glenbrook Middle


New Westminister

Queensborough Middle

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